The 2021 12 month open ended run a race ticket

The 2021 12 month open ended run a race ticket

Stay safe -and let’s have some fun!!

Monday, 4th January 2021

Event description

9 months on from asking you all to support our runs we some how managed to get through 2020, we had loads of fun managing to get lots of runs back on since July, we had positive vibes for 2021 until tonight. We are all back in lockdown and Jan and Feb have always been our busiest months that get us through the year, so with this in mind I have opened up the 12 month ticket again that ran out in December - if you can find it in your hearts to continue to support us it would be a life saver!  I have lowered the price as well so if your entering a full or half marathon you'll save some pennies, and you can run it when ever you want.  We will also be continuing to offer the virtual's along with the hall of fame - just email us at to get involved for the virtual's. 

Long post warning ;)

Hi Guys, 
I hope I find you and your families well this evening.  As many of you know I started COD RC and How Hard Can it be almost 14 years ago. We aren’t some massive club or company - it’s not even a we it’s a me  running a club for you Guys -  I go month to month to cover all the costs -  I run everything personally and I have some bloody wonderful volunteers who help me out on my vision of hosting fun friendly events for you to run. 
I live with my daughter and the two mad hounds many of you have met and I am petrified of what will happen as I rent a house and don’t have a bucket load of funds to live on -  If you Guys can’t run we’ll be kicked out.  
At this time of writing  the Association we are affiliated to have not cancelled any races so until they revoke permits and insurance we won’t either.  The government have not put us in lockdown so we won’t cancel anything either but we will limit our runs to less than 50 people over the next few weeks - well there’s actually only next weekend until May. 
We have successfully implemented hygiene measures at our races and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future even after Covid 19 has been and gone. 
This is the tough bit though, and I am sorry to ask - I have opened up an open ended race tonight - if you like the races I host and are in a situation to help could you enter this race. The ticket will allow you to run any race of your choosing (as long as it’s not full) over the next 12 months, and as when we settle down and it’s not all doom and gloom I will host something or make sure you receive something to celebrate this!!!!
When They say How Hard Can it Be - I never (no one ever) thought it would be this hard!!

Kind regards


Denzil Martin

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